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One-stop service up to company incorporation registration!100,000yen(Tax included)

We support electronic articles of incorporation.

In Japan, a tax of 40,000 yen is imposed on the preparation of paper articles of incorporation.
If you hire us, you will not be charged that tax. Please take advantage of this great deal.

STEP① The first step is to prepare the Articles of Incorporation!

Submit a summary in the application form

Please let us know on the application form what kind of company you would like to create.
We will prepare a draft of the articles of incorporation for you!

We will inform you of the required documents and fees.

Submit articles of incorporation to a notary public

Send the document to a notary public for authentication.

The application should be submitted to the notary public with jurisdiction over the location of the incorporated company.

Receive electronic articles of incorporation from a certified notary

We go to pick up our electronic Articles of Incorporation and a certified copy of our Articles of Incorporation.

For company incorporation in Tokyo, we can pick it up for you, but for other prefectures, we ask that you pick it up yourself.

In that case you will need a power of attorney from me. I will provide you with this information separately.

Notary public certification fees (not included in our fees)
Paid-in capital of less than 1 million yen30,000yen
Capital of 1 million yen or more but less than 3 million yen40,000yen
Companies that do not fall under the above50,000yen
In addition to the above amounts, there is an additional 2,000 yen or so.

If you are incorporating a company in Tokyo and we are going to pick up the articles of incorporation at the notary public’s office, we will charge you this amount in advance along with the fee.

Here is the application form

    ANYCompany Name

    ANYList business activities

    ANYHead Office Address

    ANYTotal number of shares authorized to be issued

    ANYDate of commencement of fiscal year


    ANYCapital stock

    ANYName of promoter①

    ANYAddress of promoter①

    ANYAmount of investment by promoter①

    ANYName of promoter②

    ANYAddress of promoter②

    ANYAmount of investment by promoter②

    ANYName of promoter③

    ANYAddress of promoter③

    ANYAmount of investment by promoter③

    ANYcompany directors

    ANYRepresentative Director

    REQUIREDYour Name

    REQUIREDYour e-mail address

    ANYOther inquiries

    ANYHow did you come to know about this website?【Select more than one】】

    To prevent spamming, please check this box before sending your message.

    STEP② Fulfillment of capital contribution

    We will transfer the investment to the promoter’s account.

    The capital contribution is transferred after the date of preparation of the Articles of Incorporation.

    Even if you have already invested in the promoter’s account, please transfer the amount invested to the promoter’s account after withdrawal.

    After you have transferred your investment, make copies of the “front” of the bankbook, the back of the front page, and the detailed section showing the transfer of your investment. Or, you can also take a picture taken with your smart phone. If you are using internet banking, print out a detailed statement of the transfer. This will be needed later in the registration process.

    STEP③ Preparation for registration of incorporation

    Once you have reached this point, all that is left is to register the company and your company will be established.

    Make a company seal

    When registering a company, a seal that serves as a “registered seal” must be registered.

    Once you have decided on a name for your company, you should also proceed with the creation of a seal.

    A full lineup of corporate seals! Seal and stamp specialty store

    Prepare the necessary documents for registration.

    We will send you the necessary documents for registration.

    Documents and information received in advance will be shared with the judicial scrivener in charge of registration.
    A letter of attorney for the judicial scrivener will also be required.

    A registration tax is required to register a company.

    (1)150,000yen(2)Amount of capital×0.7%
    The larger of (1) or (2) will be charged as the registration tax.

    This is a separate cost from our fee and will be charged along with the fee after estimation.

    Your company is established!

    It takes 1 week to 10 days from the completion of the registration procedure to the completion of registration.

    If you are in an industry that requires permits and licenses, please continue to rely on us, Gyoseishoshi Lawyers, who are experts in procedures with administrative agencies!